Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs

Accessible and Enhanced University Services

President for Internal Affairs would pursue intensive research and more importantly consultations with the student body in crafting pro-student university policies.

Student-Centered University Policies

The office would ensure that quality university and student services are made available and accessible to the entire student body for a maximized student life.

Foster an Issue-Based USG

The Office of the Vice President for Internal affairs would strengthening the identity of the USG by advancing issue-based initiatives, which would in return cultivate a better student life.


Specific Plans of Action

University Services Hub

To be able to maximize your student life, the Office of the Vice President of Internal Affairs will provide a one-stop online platform to inform and align all student services offered by the USG, the administration and other sectors of the university.

DLSU Report System

Part of the feature of the Student Companion Mobile App (SCMA) will be reporting facilities, security and other general concerns. This will create more channels for your concerns to be heard and be given action. Reporting your concerns will be now be just within your reach.

Off-Site Parking Spaces

To answer to the need of more safe and accessible parking spaces around DLSU, we will be partnering with CCP Complex to utilize their space as an off-site parking space; aligned with class schedules, free shuttle services will be provided from and to DLSU to ensure safety of the students.

Faculty Feedback System

We commit ourselves to progressive engagement, thus ensuring that there is proper dialogue between the students and other sectors of the university. An online platform together with the Student Companion Mobile App, a feedback system will be within the reach of the students; it’s features will include filing of grievance, feedback system between the dean and academic office that will ensure full confidentiality, and revising the faculty evaluation system to be more concise and effective; with this, conducive and productive conversations faculty will be achieved.

Inclusive University

To promote inclusivity for all students, we commit to ensuring safe and accessible facilities; we will be pushing for a university that is a safe space for PWD students by lobbying for PWD assistance that will tackle their time allowance in between classes, installing ramps for buildings with no elevators, and other PWD-friendly policies. Through this, we may have a safe space for all students.

Institutionalized Safety Task Force

As part of our commitment in making this university a safe space for Lasallians, we will be lobbying for campus first aid kits strategically located around campus, we will also be pushing for a safety task force that will be on call for risk management and safety of students.

Intensified Consultation Framework

The Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs will ensure that student government representative’s outputs and projects will have the core value of giving what the students need and deserve — that all outputs and projects will be of, for, and by the students. A reformed framework with more intensive research and consultation will be done to ensure that all needs of the students will be provided.

Revamped GOSM Defense

An internal effort in assuring execution of the projects will be seamless and productive, an avenue where all units will be presenting and defending their projefcts, ensuring that all these are catering to the needs, concenrs and issues of the students.

Efficient and Effective Evaluation System

To close the holistic approach for an Issue based Student Government, there will be an avenue to evaluate the initiatives done by the student governemnt officers; with this, best practices can be enhanced and shared. Students will have a proper channel in raising concerns and building efficient and effected student governent.