Office of the Vice President for External Affairs

Accessible Lasallian Opportunities

Through the Office of the Vice President for External Affairs, every Lasallian is guaranteed to maximize all opportunities available.

Efficient and Effective Safety and Security

The Office of the Vice President for External Affairs commits to uphold a safe learning environment through proactive programs for all students.

Collaborative Lasallian Social Engagement

Opportunities for Lasallians to engage themselves through national involvement, advocacies and community development would be ensured by the Office of the Vice President of External Affairs.


Specific Plans of Action

Lasallian Global Advantage Program

In an effort to help Lasallians maximize opportunities, projects will be implemented to ensure that throughout a student’s exchange process – before, during and after; There will be student services and assistance projects available to them. Projects will include the Centralized Opportunities Hub, Student Opportunities Matcher and Student Opportunity Assistance Fund.

Sagip Metro, Tulong Lasalyano

To best respond to natural disasters, a two-part program compromised of lobbying for a proactive emergency fund, and creating a competent, ready and proactive USG system on responses. This will provide first aid and mental health trainings to USG officers, establishing response teams and utilizing all collaborations.

Centralized Opportunities Hub

The Centralized Opportunities Hub provides students a centralized, organized and updated avenue to access opportunities, may it be exchange, competitions, conferences or volunteer programs. The hub would be part of the Student Companion Mobile Application (SCMA).

Competition Assistance Program

As we aim to provide students with assistance when engaging in competitions and conferences outside DLSU. A series of programs will be conducted to offer: skills building, preparation assistance, mentor matching, student services and recognition

Safe Lasallian Spaces

As we commit to uphold a safe learning environment, a series of programs will be implemented to ensure safety at all times. Divided into three main projects: Condo and Dorm Assistance, which provides student services and safety and security checks. Happy Thursday, which provides a comprehensive system on providing alternative opportunities for students on Thursdays, lastly would be Safe DLSU where students are going to be equipped to face any kind of danger or disaster, by being provided with educational materials and safety tools.

Lasallian Advocacy Mission

A research based Advocacy Calendar will be set to tackle different advocacies relevant to our university and society. The Lasallian Advocacy Mission will involve advocacy campaigns and on-site activations for students to take part of.

Green Communities

This project is a means to promote the different avenues of communication students may opt for to be more connected to their university and the USG. Apart from this, Communications Fair will also serve as a means of hearing out stands or concerns from the student body in relation to student life.

Juan La Salle

As we pursue an environment of intellectual discourse and provide students with multiple avenues to express themselves, this campaign educates students on making fully informed decisions and stands on National Issues. This campaign aims to increase awareness through youth debates, information dissemination and consistent and inclusive data-gathering of opinions through the (SCMA) Student Companion Mobile Application.

Lasallian Leaders' Engagement

A termly involvement that calls for students who wish to actively take part in the initiatives of the USG for the term. Through this engagement we hope for more students to become empowered to join the USG through skill set trainings and self-empowerment modules.