Office of the President

Inclusive and Holistic Governance

Foster collaboration between the different student sectors of the university with an aim to progress together.

Dynamic USG-Student Partnership

Committing the USG to always be with every student by recognizing the different levels of engagement.

Empowered Lasallian Action

Upholding our Lasallian values in engaging the students to issues inside and outside the university.


Specific Plans of Action

USG Check and Balance

The USG Constitution states that the Executive Branch is in charge of implementing the various policies, activities, and programs passed by the Legislative Assembly. With this, a sustainable platform will be built to ensure all resolutions passed, including the prior administrations, will be properly implemented and monitored.

Unified Student Body

This Convention of Leaders (COLE) will be expanded by including all student organizations and providing them the opportunity to collaborate through a termly colloquium. COLE councils will be established so as to align the different organizations’ initiatives and allow them to provide relevant programs and opportunities to students.

Increased Representation in University Committees

Increase numbers of university committees in which the USG has representation, such as: VC STC, VC for Research and Innovation, AVC Academic Services, ERIO, VP Finance, Stratcom, RMCA, Legal Council, and Campus Sustainability.

USG Research, Development, and Improvement Council

In an effort to increase accountability and credibility in the USG, a council will be formed to monitor all USG units. This will be done through evaluations from the student body, as well as build research agenda and action points to continuously improve performance and services.

Study on a Better USG

It has been 7 years since the USG was established and we recognize that a lot has changed in the university and the roles of the USG. With this, we plan to create extensive research to propose for a new USG. This would be conducted through benchmarking, FGD (consulting students), looking at the needs of the university, and the USG check and balance.

Partnership-Driven Student Handbook Revisions

Spearhead an efficient workflow for Student Handbook Revisions in partnership with the students, Legislative Assembly and various admin offices. This will include the following stages: awareness, research and engagement, consolidation, submission of proposals, and constant updates to the student body.

Philippine Government Watch

This is a commitment to provide proper information dissemination on changes in the Philippine government and national issues, and collect stands and feedback on these issues. This effort also includes termly government office visits to allow us to be active Lasallian citizens.

Lasallian Youth for the Philippines

Establish a Lasallian network of leaders to provide concrete solutions on pressing issues concerning different Lasallian universities and schools, as well as provide an avenue to build the Lasallian Social Action Framework.

Student Leaders Empowerment Congress

This is a assembly of student leaders and representatives from different universities around the Philippines to share best practices, leadership techniques, and solutions to society’s pressing issues. This also aims to initiate alliances with different universities to provide more external opportunities for Lasallians.