Office of the Executive Treasurer


Student-Driven Financial Policies

Ensuring that every policy, action, or program will be backed up by participative research, where in the voice of the students will be heard and considered.

Inclusive Financial Assistance

Securing the education and college life of every Lasallian—where financial needs will not impede or threaten the ability of the student to maximize his/her stay in the university.

Equitable Student Fees

Ensuring that the fees that students pay are just and commensurate to the quality of education they get in the university.


Specific Plans of Action

Accessible USG Transparency Report

The Office of the Executive Treasurer aims to build on the existing efforts of the USG for good governance and proper fund management through the integration of the OTREAS Transparency Reports in the Students Hub to heighten accountability in all offices of the USG.

Cashless DLSU

Lobby for cashless transactions between the students and the establishments in DLSU. The student may use his/her ID or a different card that will enable him/her to pay for goods and services inside the university (e.g. canteen services, bookstore, SCOOP etc.). Incentives such as rebates and discounts would be available for the student as he/she uses the cashless system.

Pera Para sa Kapwa

A termly involvement that calls for students who wish to actively take part in the initiatives of the USG for the term. Through this engagement we hope for more students to become empowered to join the USG through skill set trainings and self-empowerment modules.

Innovative & Accessible Student Loans

The Student Government Assistance Fund (SGAF) is currently used to fund the loan programs of the USG. The Office of the Exective Treasurer would like to expand the scope of these loans. Aside from the Tuition and Thesis Loans that the USG is currently offering, the office would start providing Start-up Capital Loans.

Student Centered Tuition Fee Increase

The Office of the Executive Treasurer aims to put representation in the center of the Multi-Sectoral Consultative Committee on Tuition Fees (MSCCTF). OTREAS will ensure that the students are part of the decision-making process in the MSCCTF through online and on-ground surveys, focus group discussions, and townhall meetings.

Revisit the Current Miscellaneous Fees Structure

To give students applying for the different EB offices a glimpse of what’s in store for them should they wish to actively involve themselves in the initiatives of the USG, all central committee opportunities shall be presented to the student body before every term.

College-Wide Scholarship Grants

In fighting for accessible Lasallian education, the Office would lobby for college-wide scholarship grants through partnering up with college offices and researching on what scholarship the Office could provide. The aim of this initiative is to give one new scholarship for each college.