Gokongwei College of Engineering

“Equipping Lasallian Engineers to Go Beyond: Beyond Themselves, Beyond the College, Beyond the University”

Specific Plans of Action

Engineering College Government

Asian Engineering Camp

A camp that will hold talks, have cultural tours, and provide a collaborative problem solving case with engineers all over Asia and to create a network with the Asian universities. This encourages students to be internationally aware.

Engineering College Government

Engineering in Progress Training Program

This immersive program focuses on making students ready for their careers. By introducing the available engineering career paths, they are able to gauge what to expect in work even before they go out of the university to prepare better for their chosen career paths.

Engineering College Government

SUSI Innovation Challenge

A community development competition where students can help a community while applying their engineering skills. In this project, students are recognized of their skills and are further honed so that they can apply their solutions to a community and make a lifelong impact.


Thesis Shark Tank

69th Eng will be given the opportunity to pitch their thesis to a panel of representatives from NGOs, companies, and government agencies in hopes of a financial grant to aid the students. This would allow the students an alternative avenue of acquiring funding to finance their thesis while connecting them with possible partnerships in the future.


OJT Master Kit

In partnership with ENGAGE organizations a kit will be provided specific to each of the seven engineering courses  that contains all necessary documents for internship application such as basic guidelines, sample interview questions and answers, list of possible companies, and other important materials.


Mission DL: Driven to Learn

An initiative which aims to provide a brand new purpose to being a Dean’s Lister to inspire the students to reach their full potential. The batch government will partner with an NGO community and for every Dean’s Lister at the end of the term, a set of school supplies will be given to the partner community.


70th ENG Gotchu: Back to School Essentials

Basic neccesities for the start of classes will be sold at ENGWalk to ease the burden that students feel at the start of classes. ID picture-taking and printing will also be done and will be sold at a cheaper price. All proceeds will go the partner community for  Mission DL: Driven to Learn.



Through a series of off-campus fieldtrips, ENG-RL or ENG In Real Life brings the students to real time engineering and its applications. This leads to the cultivation of interests and igniting of passion in each 71st ENG Engineer.


The 71st ENG Challenge

The 71st ENG challange aims to provide the students an opportunity to create devices, innovations, and gadgets that cater to improving our environment through partnering them with qualified mentors. This project will allow the students to go beyond their lessons in engineering and allows them to physically apply it in real life.