College of Computer Studies

“Evolving the CCS Identity to Unlock Innovator Potentials”

Specific Plans of Action

Computer Studies Government

One CCS Council

To unify all organizations in the College of Computer Studies, we will formalize this council through the Legislative Assembly; with this, all efforts for the college will be collaborative and aligned.

Computer Studies Government

Ideavation Program

This program aims to give CCS students an avenue to develop and actualize their ideas into innovation. Participants will undergo training, mentorship and an opportunity to pitch in their ideas to investors for funding.

Computer Studies Government


An initiative that aims to connect CCS students to the public sector, both government and non-governmental organizations, to encourage them to participate in nation building.


Bootstrap Your Career

In partnership with the Office of the Vice President for External Affairs and other graduating batch governments, we will push a year long series of programs such as seminars and workshops that aims to guide the students their career paths.



CATCH Startup Immersion Program

A one day immersion program wherein students will get to experience a tech startup. They will be able to learn more about life in a startup and their industry, and apply their skills in a simulated situation in the company.



A year-long program for CATCH2T19 which aims to develop the soft skills of the students and provide them with knowledge about the different work ethics through workshops. Also, seminars will be conducted by different alumni as they share their experiences in their corporate life.



A series of team activities and competitions throughout the year that focuses on the development of each individual through collaboration and hands-on experience with other members in the CCS community.


OutCATCHing Solutions

A case competition project, tied up with different batch governments. The idea of this project is to utilize the combination of knowledge from different fields of studies in finding the best solution for the given real-world problems. With this project, the students will be free to express themselves in showing what a CCS student truly is.


Cache Your Future

Aimed to help the batch be more open to joining activities and grabbing the opportunities that are given to them. This project will be patterned to the Alumni Café that was held during the CCS week wherein alumni and industry partners were invited to collaborate with students.