General Elections 2014

Santugon Executive Board

As your University Student Government, it is our primary responsibility to ensure that you become more than just recipients of basic student services, holistic developmental programs, and pro-student policies. For us to be truly effective in fulfilling our purpose, we should be engaging the student body; re-establishing a genuine and inclusive partnership with you that allows and empowers you to shape your ideal student experience.

Specific Plans of Action

Santugon sa Tawag ng Panahon is introducing a new brand of specific plans of action in achieving our vision of Student-Powered Governance. The flagship programs aim to establish and ensure effective and long-term solutions even to the most basic needs of every Lasallian. All to happen and be executed in just one year.

Our Vision

Our vision focuses on a two-fold approach: maximizing our university resources to ensure that opportunities for your growth as individuals are given to you, and empowering you to proactively get involved with us and exert your right to define your student life.

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